Office of Curriculum & Instruction

Abbeville County School District

400 Greenville Street, Abbeville SC 29620


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As we begin the 2009-2010 school year it is with great excitement. It is our vision for Abbeville County School District to be a model of excellence in education. To be a model we must ensure that ALL students are provided a comprehensive and developmentally appropriate curriculum from our youngest through Twelfth grade.

We are ready to meet the challenges ahead of us by using sound researched based information while at times "thinking outside the box".

We look forward to working with each student and their families and appreciate the opportunity to do so.


Abbeville County School District will be a model of excellence in education.


The mission of the Abbeville County School District is to develop proficient, creative, self-motivated students by providing quality educational opportunities in a safe, nurturing environment, which supports innovations and lifelong learning.

To contact us for help or information call 864-366-5427 or email us at











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